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The VPN Tarumanagara for extra security on KlikBCA business services

The technological developments that occurred so rapidly today have had such great impact in various sectors, including in the banking industry. All aspects are moving forward with the development of the epoch, online, digitalisation, and connected to the Internet.

One of the rapid evidence of technological developments in the banking industry is the emergence of mobile banking features or internet banking from various banks. In Indonesia, there are many banks that offer e-banking features to its customers.

One of the best is BCA. For those of you who are customers of BCA Bank must be familiar with M-banking service. This service can be utilized by any customer by downloading the mBCA app first in PlayStore or Google Play and then register to teller.

Meanwhile, the Internet banking feature of one of the largest private banks in Indonesia is KlikBCA. This service allows you to make any transaction or access the account at any time, and anywhere only by using a mobile phone or other device connected to the Internet network.

While for customers who have a business account, such as a company or another institution is intended to use internet banking KlikBCA with VPN (Virtual Private Network) Tarumanagara. VPN Tarumanagara itself is a facility provided by BCA Bank to ensure the security of your transactions or business account.
Curious about this feature and how it benefits? Let's see the full review below.

Understanding VPN
VPN or Virtual Private Network is a connection or Private Internet network. So the VPN itself is a kind of communication technology that allows its users to connect with public networks.

However, the use of a VPN is still safe, while it can accept and transmit data in a encrypted way. So customers do not have to worry if the confidentiality of the data will leak or enter the public domain.

Excellence KlikBCA business with VPN Tarumanagara
With the security assurance from BCA Bank, as a business client you will no longer need to worry about the confidentiality of the data from your account. In addition, the use of the VPN Tarumanagara on KlikBCA Business also provides many other advantages.

One of the many features of KlikBCA business. So when compared with KlikBCA on personal accounts, the features offered here are more complete and varied according to the needs of the company. Here are some of them

1. More practical and fast business transactions
Using KlikBCA business, you can get account information, transfer funds, Bill Payment, multi transfer, set up account balances and so on.
The currency used in the business account type is certainly not only one, thus facilitating the customer to conduct transactions with other currencies such as the US dollar.
The view from KlikBCA business is also very user friendly, so it is not at all troublesome customers. Access can also be done through a smartphone or a computer/laptop.

2. Pay Employee salaries
One feature that is owned by KlikBCA Bisnis, namely already equipped with features to pay employee salaries. For companies that use BCA business account, now there is no need to pay employee salaries manually, but can go through the payroll feature to fellow BCA accounts.

That way, companies no longer need to enter data every month. In other words, the account of each employee is already in the payroll so that the process can be done faster.

So that the salary transfer process can be smooth, make sure the company funds are ready at least H-1 before payment. Make sure all salary payments are done carefully and enter all the correct incoming data and the credit entered is appropriate.

3. Secure security
It can be said this is the most important advantage for business accounts, namely security guaranteed. The security offered to KlikBCA business is more maximal. Like access that can only be accessed if you have registered using VPN first.
So for business accounts that have not registered VPN Tarumanagara then will not be able to access internet banking and use it for transactions.
From the reviews above, it is obvious how important it is to use the VPN on a business account.

VPN Benefits of Tarumanagara
Advice even must be the owner of BCA business account to use the VPN Tarumanagara certainly not without cause., but because this VPN gives many advantages compared to other VPNS.
Curious what are the benefits? Here are some of them.

1. Don't have to download
Generally to use a VPN, the customer must download and install the VPN software on the computer or smartphone used. But the same with the Tarumanagara must not be downloaded and installed on your device.
You just need to input in the address follow the steps according to the guidelines on the page. The way is very easy and the appearance of the site is very user friendly.

2. Open to any operating System
This VPN is open and accessible on any operating system, from Linux, Windows or even to Android and iOS smartphones. With the system so open, BCA does not provide discriminatory for customers who use any operating system.
The access to each operating system is certainly the same, even for access on PC and also smart phones.

3. Internet connection functioning for other needs
By using the VPN Tarumanagara you are guaranteed not to die style. Because even if you have access to this VPN, but the internet can still be used for other needs, such as browsing, playing social media or other activities that require Internet network.

Some of the advantages of VPN of Tarumanagara above shows if the owners of business accounts do not have to use this VPN. If not using it, it can cause some bad possibilities.

Potentially bad if not using VPN Tarumanagara
There are so many bad possibilities if you stay unwilling to use this VPN on your business account. Although BCA has guaranteed KlikBCA security but will be quieter if you activate the VPN Tarumanagara considering the amount of balance or transactions from the business account usually much larger.

Well here are some bad possibilities that might happen if the owner of the business account does not use Tarumanagara.

1. Security Not double
If you want to login to the KlikBCA on your personal account, it usually takes only one step. However when you use a business account and already using the VPN Tarumanagara you will go through two steps.

Where it serves as an added protection against your business account account. Thus the confidentiality of account data is more secure. Every transaction made through KlikBCA business is also much safer.

2. Getting alerts from the Bank
This VPN is the best facility of BCA bank that is given exclusively to customers from business accounts. Of course, this is a special facility that should be used because it can improve the security of every transaction or account data.

Then what about the business account that does not use the VPN Tarumanagara? Usually, this business account will get a warning from the bank to activate it immediately.

No need to worry because the activation or use of a VPN will be guided by the party until it succeeds, so the customer will not feel the hassles.

Do not want unwanted cases such as the leaking of your account data or even other potentially bad possibilities relating to your account balance. When you have activated KlikBCA business then you should immediately activate VPN Tarumanagara as well.

With so all the bad possibilities can be a termination since the beginning, considering this is the facility that has been given by the bank BCA.

How to use the VPN Tarumanagara at KlikBCA Business
Given how important this VPN role is to KlikBCA business, of course you should immediately activate and use it as soon as possible. Here is a guide on how to use the VPN Tarumanagara on KlikBCA business.

1. Have a KlikBCA business account

  • First make sure if you already have a KlikBCA business account. If you do not already have, please visit BCA Bank office and ask for the making of KlikBCA service on the teller.
  • If you have obtained the form from the bank, fill in the form according to the required data, such as a copy of your identity card or KTP, photocopy of taxpayer identification Nopo (NPWP), and copy of Trading business license (SIUP).
  • Next, you will get a KeyBCA, User ID, Corporate ID, PIN KeyBCA and a guide to use KlikBCA business.

2. Visit the official VPN website of Tarumanagara

  • The next step is to visit the website of the VPN to register. Here you must log in to the website KlikBCA business first then login.
  • After logging into the KlikBCA business website, you will be asked to log in to the VPN by clicking on the website address

3. List of VPN Tarumanagara
After logging in on the VPN site, you must register in advance. There are two ways you can list and access the VPN Tarumanagara:

  • Enter your username. Usually the username used to log in to the VPN is a combination of Corporate ID and also a User ID that has been given to the bank BCA when you make the application KlikBCA business before.
  • After entering the Corporate ID name and also the User ID without adding any spaces, you must also fill in the password in the next column. This Password can be obtained from the BCA or KeyBCA tokens you then press APPLI 1. Next, there will appear 8 digits that can be entered when logging in.

Next, you'll be asked to sign in again the same as the first step. But for this stage you will also be asked to list the Corporate ID and User ID in separate columns. Next the password you specified earlier can be used just like when the first login.
The steps above can be done very practical and fast, so there is no more reason to not use the VPN Tarumanagara not? With the many advantages offered will certainly be a loss if you do not make use of the special facilities of this BCA bank.

Tips for using VPN Tarumanagara
Already a list but still experiencing constraints? No need to worry, there may be some factors that cause activation and use of this VPN is notable. Therefore, you should note the following tips for the registration and use of the VPN Tarumanagara on your KlikBCA business account smoothly.

1. Stable Internet Network
One of the factors that often become an obstacle in the registration process and the use of a VPN is an unstable internet network. When the Internet network is dashed, the VPN will automatically be difficult to access.

The reason, when the Internet connection broke when the transaction is not complete, then the KlikBCA account will automatically exit through the VPN system, so to make a transaction you must login from scratch again.

2. Wait 10 minutes
After accessing KlikBCA business and doing the transaction you want to access it again, try logging in from scratch again. But for the smooth process, we recommend logging in after 10 minutes from the previous time.

So after you log out of KlikBCA business account, you have to wait 10 minutes before you can then log back in the same way. This is done to avoid some possibilities, one of which is a sudden lag account.

3. Sign Out Account
One of the most frequent carelessness of the customer, i.e. not logout of account after completion of accessing KlikBCA business. In fact, it is very important to maintain the confidentiality of account data and account balance. What's more if you're accessing KlikBCA business using someone else's device.

After completing the transaction or Access KlikBCA business, make sure you logout according to the procedure, i.e. click the logout button found on the main page. Wait until the process finishes and just close the browser tab. Remember do not directly close the browser tab because this way the same is not logged out yes.

Business feels easier with KlikBCA business services
With a variety of facilities provided by BCA for business account type, you no longer need to feel the hassle with banking transactions. All can be accessed very easily, practically and also quickly.

Only by utilizing the service KlikBCA business that has been equipped with VPN Tarumanagara, all transactions can be done easily anytime and anywhere. Transaction security is already guaranteed.

This service will also make you as a businessman easier to deal with companies from other countries. As already mentioned above if BCA business account offers more than one currency. So for companies that often do transactions with foreign companies, no need to hassle with transaction currency.

Then, are there any other provisions that BCA has set for BCA business accounts? Well for BCA business account, usually will be applied minimum balance every month. The minimum balance amount or balance per month is much greater than the balance for personal accounts.

Then for administration fee will also be set. If the minimum balance on your business account is less than the one specified, an additional administrative fee may be charged with the nominal amount of the monthly administration fee.

In addition, business accounts also still have to pay a monthly administration fee with a relatively small nominal. This administration fee will be deducted even if the account balance is more than the specified minimum balance.

Nevertheless, but the customer still will get another advantage, which is a relatively large interest rate. Moreover, with the balance of which the nominals are certainly more interest earned will be much larger.

So, when will you create a BCA business account and use the E-bankingservice? Register now at the nearest BCA bank office and feel all the benefits. Guaranteed management of your business funds will feel easier and enjoyable.

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